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We are young IT lovers from Italy.
We started from a simple "Hello World", and we soon grown up by creating our first public project, hackandnews.com, then as soon as telegram released it's bot platform we started developing bots like @CiuchinoBot and @megachatbot
The idea of developing this social network was born when we saw that most of the social networks that are there now, violate the user's privacy. QuickGram will never sell user data to third parties, we promise.

To access and use QuickGram you need to log in with your Telegram account , this allows us to ensure your best privacy and you will not need to remember any password.

QuickGram uses Google Analytics to find out how many people use our service, where they come from and what device they have accessed. Do not worry, this data is only for us to improve the service, no data will be sold to third parties.

If you use our service inappropriately, we feel free to limit your account. If you behave well we could send you a candy (maybe).

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Can you see my phone number?
No, the phone number only serves to access to Telegram which will verify the authenticity of the account. QuickGram will only see your name and the id of your Telegram account and if you have also set a last name and/or an username and/or the profile picture we can see it.

How is QuickGram different from ThisCrush or Sarahah?
Unlike ThisCrush and Sarahah. QuickGram is an free software based on speed, security and user-friendly with no ad. We don't want to earn anything and we will never sell user data to third parties. If you like QuickGram and you want to contribute to growth it make it known to your friends, we will be grateful.

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Any question? Mailing us at info@quickgram.org

What's QuickGram?

QuickGram is a new social network, based on speed, security and user-friendly.

No email or password required !!! LogIn with Telegram and enjoy the free service without advertising !

How QuickGram works?

  • Start today with your QuickGram to start receiving cute messages from friends, anonymously. The posts can also have a validity of 24 hours (temporary post)

  • It's a great way to find out what people think of you or if you like someone
    QuickGram is very simple and fast, once you've created your profile, share your link to your friends and you'll start to see the magic of QuickGram

  • You can create one or more pages with your profile, ideal if you manage pages in social media.
    Moreover, if you reach 100 likes on your page, you will receive the gold-badge (Page Challenge)

and much more .. What to expect, create your QuickGram account right now!

Happy social 😍

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