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What is QuickGram? What do I do here?

  • QuickGram is a social network, based on speed, security and user-friendly.

  • With QuickGram, you can send anonymous post to your friends and tell them how cute they are.

  • You can send posts with your name to your or your friend profile to say what you are thinking about all the news you have heard.

  • If you want the post to be automatically deleted after 24 hours, you can send Temporary post.

  • Do You developed a videogame and want you to tell all updates about it? Yoy can set your profile on Read Only — in this way all your followers can read only your new feature.

How is QuickGram different from ThisCrush or Sarahah?

  • Unlike ThisCrush and Sarahah. QuickGram is an free software based on speed, security and user-friendly with no ad. We don't want to earn anything and we will never sell user data to third parties. If you like QuickGram and you want to contribute to growth it make it known to your friends, we will be grateful.

How old is QuickGram?

  • QuickGram was born with the sole purpose of testing the new Telegram widget in 2018. In fact, in the first version it was necessary to have a telegram account to create an account on QuickGram. Then we thought that QuickGram could be that social network without advertising and targeted on user privacy.

Will you have ads? Or sell my data?

  • No.

Can you see my phone number with Telegram Login?

  • No, the phone number only serves to you for login in your Telegram account becouse Telegram will verify the authenticity of the account. QuickGram will only see your name and the id of your Telegram account and if you have also set a last name and/or an username we can see it.

  • Take a look here to better see how the telgram login widget works: https://telegram.org/blog/login

How can I set Read Only feature on my profile?

  • The Read Only is a feature in which only you can write a post. So evryone can only read what you are posting. This is a perfect way if you have a project and want to tell to your customers how is going on and your awesome idea.

  • To set this function you have to login to your QuickGram account, so you can tap "Edit Profile" button on the left column — Switch On the Read Only toggle

  • You can always change this option at any time.

There's illegal content on QuickGram. How do I take it down?

  • All QuickGram profile are publicly available so if you find something illegal please ping us at abuse@quickgram.org
  • You can also report the illegal post in the three-point menu of that post — then select report — choose the reason for what you are reporting — send the report with the relative button.

QuickGram Support?

  • If you have any other questions, please contact QuickGram Support at info@quickgram.org. QuickGram is not a company and the project is kept in free time. We always try to respond as soon as possible, but we ask you to be patient.


Last Updated: April 02, 2020